About me


Hi, my name is David, and I'm developer, musician and video-game-music composer. I have been part of many rock and metal bands and I have contributed music in several indy video games.

I am specialized in rock and metal but I have done several works in other styles such as electronic, folk or ambient music.

I am currently publishing music packs to be used in videogames and looking for projects to participate in creating custom music.

Music for video games

Do you need music for your video game? you can contact. I would like work with you.

You may be interested in seeing my packs. They are published in Itch.
I have created these packs so that anyone can use them in their videogame, but other than that it serves to show what I do.

An advice. If you need custom music for your video game and you ask me for it based on one of my packs, I will be much more efficient because the mixing and mastering work would already have been practically done.

Music Assets packs for video games:

I have recorded all these packs for be used as soundtrack in videogames.

If you need music for your project, you can use my packs. You can find here: Itch

You can see more information from these packs in the Packs section

Packs recorded during game jams

These packs I have recorded during jams. Not all the music developed during jams I publish as packs. I have published the most interesting packs only.
If you want participate in a jam and you needs a musician, you can contact me.

Video games using my music:

If you have using my music in any project, and you want, you can contact me and I will refresh this list with your game:


Currently working in "Classical music but METAL" pack


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My videogame covers:

(Now available in all streaming platforms).