Music of video games turned to metal

I like transform original songs of video games to metal. Here is my list of video-game-metal-cover-albums released:

Stars in the Sky (from Sonic 2 the Movie) · Single

Cover art
  1. Stars in the Sky (from Sonic 2 the Movie) · Single

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Speed Light

Cover art
  1. Live and Learn (from Sonic Adventure 2)
  2. His World (from Sonic the Hedgehog, 2006)
  3. Knight of the Wind (from Sonic and the Black Knight)
  4. All Hail Shadow (from Shadow the Hedgehog)
  5. Can you feel the Sunshine? (from Sonic R)
  6. Sonic Boom (from SonicCD)
  7. Speed Life (from Sonic 2 the Movie)

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Cover art
  1. Ending Theme (From Columns III, Revenge of Columns)
  2. Asteroid Field, Stage 1 (From Gley Lancer)
  3. Incantation (From Koudela)
  4. River Stage (From Marvel vs. Capcom 2)
  5. Intro stage x (From Megaman X4)
  6. Arch Tempered Nergigante Theme (From Monster Hunter World)
  7. Flower Mountain Canyon, Stage 2 (From Spark the Electric Jester)
  8. The Last Dungeon (From Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap)
  9. Tetris Theme
  10. Tia & Megumi (From Zatch Bell Electric Arena)

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Jump High

Cover art
  1. Bob-Omb Battlefield (From Super Mario 64)
  2. Delfino Plaza (From Super Mario Sunsine)
  3. Gusty Garden Galaxy (From Super Mario Galaxy)

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Speed Me Up (From Sonic Movie)

Cover art
  1. Speed Me Up (From Sonic Movie)

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Welcome to the Next Level

Cover art
  1. Wilderness (From Golden Axe)
  2. The Hill of Torture (From Ghouls N Ghosts)
  3. Forest and Mountain (From Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle)
  4. Rise from Your Grave (From Altered Beast)
  5. Space Harrier Stage Theme
  6. Boss Theme (From Castle Of Illusion)
  7. Hydra (From Thunder Force 3)
  8. Raid (From Strider)
  9. Clotho (From Columns)
  10. Toejam Jammin (From Toejam and Earl)
  11. Boss (From Monster World III)
  12. Green Hill (From Sonic 1)
  13. World of Illusion 1-1
  14. Dreamer (From Streets Of Rage II)
  15. Road Rash 2 Main Theme
  16. Alisia Dragoon 1-1
  17. Woods Area (From Kid Chameleon)
  18. Labyrinth (From Landstalker)
  19. Chemical Plant (From Sonic 2)
  20. Ecco the Dolphin Opening Theme
  21. Battle 2 (From Shining Force)
  22. 2 Player (From Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine)
  23. Story Demo (From Gunstar Heroes)
  24. Boss (From Super Fantasy Zone)
  25. Idaten (From Shinobi III)
  26. Guile Theme (From Street Figher II)
  27. Eternal Champions Main Theme
  28. Toxic Caves (From Sonic Spinball)
  29. New Junk City (From Earthworm Jim)
  30. The Hard Corps (From Contra Hard Corps)
  31. Cutman (From Mega Man The Wily Wars)
  32. The End of the Millennium (From Phantasy Star IV)
  33. Scape Hero (From Dynamite Headdy)
  34. Monster World IV Main Theme
  35. The Prayer of a Tragic Queen (From Castlevania Bloodlines)
  36. Night of the Mutants 1 (From Comix Zone)
  37. Boundless Cliff (From The Story of Thor)
  38. Grave Matters (From Light Crusader)
  39. Metalhead (From Vectorman)
  40. Sarah (From Virtua Fighter 2)
  41. Tetris Theme
  42. Captain Neo (From Darius)

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Videogames #1

Cover art
  1. What I'm Made Of (From Sonic Heroes) [feat. Rubén Puerto Lope]
  2. Techno Syndrome (From Mortal Kombat)
  3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Main Theme
  4. Sanctuary (From Kingdom Hearts) [feat. Yosu]
  5. Reincarnated Soul (From Castlevania Bloodlines)
  6. Metallic Madness (From Soniccd) [feat. Tanillo]
  7. Stars at Our Backs (From Monster Hunter World)

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